I will proofread and Copy Edit any Article or Text

proofread and Copy Edit any Article or Text
proofread and Copy Edit any Article or Text

About This Gig

I will proofread, copy, edit your website content, essays, dissertations, articles etc up to 500 words in UK English, American English, francias,etc.

I have more than 10 years experience, I have been proofreading and copy editing to a good standard.

I'm very attentive to most provided details to ensure that your edited copy is up to professional standard, editing grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, and repetition - American or UK English is no complications.

I will make all necessary corrections and return your completed text so you can review the changes

Q: What is Copy Editing?
A: Basically much more in-depth than simple proofreading. It involves checking facts, re-phrasing and generally correcting the text in order to make it read smoothly and professionally. Your document will be returned to you polished, perfected and publish-ready, no need to worry about errors any more, your text can go straight to the publisher's desk! The price for this is included in the gig!
I guarantee your order completed within 24 hours depending on the words.
I also do not correct formatting. 
Please make inquiries before you make an order for further details.

Order Details

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your order would be delivered depending on your number of words

2 days delivery