I will check and edit your Lesson Plan

check and edit your Lesson Plan

About This Gig

Hi, I’m Teacher Trainer and Lecturer in ELT with over 10 years of experience at Colleges, Universities and Education Providers in UK, Poland and Spain. I hold MA and BA in Applied Linguistics and English Philology.

Please read:

For $5, I’ll check your English Lesson Plan up to 1 page (min. 12 pt. font and standard margin) against the following criteria:

  • activities appropriate to your students’ age and/or stage of development
  • your student’s level of English
  • lesson objectives realistic and likely to be achieved
  • group management
  • timing
  • lesson dynamics
  • choice of teaching resources

This option DOES NOT cover tailoring, tweaking or rewriting of any kind.

For $25, I’ll do all of the above and completely reformat and rewrite your lesson plan up to 1 page, ensuring it meets all the above criteria fully.

Add more gigs or extras for longer lesson plans!


If your criteria differ from the ones as above, please let me know so that my work is still accurate and will help you deliver a lesson of the highest quality!

** Have problems with your Phonetic Transcript? Need an Assignment check? Or help with your Teaching Resources? Please see my other gigs! **

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