I will advertise you on Smart TVs

advertise you on Smart TVs
advertise you on Smart TVs

About This Gig

Please make sure to contact me before ordering this gig so I can guarantee your service will be great. 
On 9/12/2016 I started offering 200 + visitors per $5 gig purchase.
Would you like to advertise to 200 + Smart TVs audience that are surfing the web or opening full page ads in their living room. This is the gig for you. If you have a website, blog or a video yourself you can purchase this gig to reach your targeted audience.

About the Packages
Smart TV platforms include Android TV, Samsung, Sony, Phillp or LG

What you should know
  • Real Unique IP smart TV visitors
  • Regions you can choose from will be Brazil, USA, Canda, France, United Kingdom and Turkey
  • For 'Get more spots' Gig Extra. Daily visitors cap 400 + (unless fast delivery is ordered)
  • The traffic is Direct and 100% Adsense SAFE
  • Also accepting amazon seller products
  • Track your traffic
  • Respond within 24 hours to all gig buyers and potential buyers
  • If order is late by one minute or more you will receive a refund plus free PC
  • Adsense safe but please not their algorithm detects a shift in traffic so use this gig or any gig at your own risk.

Order Details

200 + smart tv viewers

Reach people in USA, UK, Canada, Brazil or France for just $5

10 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I geo - target visitors?
    Yes, and it is free but please note that I will try my best to deliver at least 80% to 90% of the geo target country you want.
  • How would you deliver to visitors?
    Full page ad or just in a new window.
  • What else I should know?
    Well you will receive traffic lag. This is when someone either bookmarks or share with friends your ad.
  • Will I be charged for PC traffic
    No, it will not be counted. Please use Google Analytic to track. However, if you want PC Traffic please let me know after your purchase.
  • Does this gig allow promotion through videos and if so how long does the video have to be?
    Yes, you can promote and video with this gig and the video can be how ever long you want but I suggest at least one hour max. If the video is not interesting regardless of the niche people want watch it to the end.