I will be your wakeup call for 4 days for $5

be your wakeup call for 4 days
be your wakeup call for 4 days

About This Gig

So you had a grueling weekend and you just know you will oversleep on Monday or you flew in for a meeting the next morning.  I will be your wake up call so you don't miss that meeting or show up late and disheveled.  

Instead of a boring alarm clock or a hotel desk clerk just telling you the time; why not wake up to a beautiful Jamaican accent for 4 days, letting you know today you will make a difference all because you woke up.

Your days do not have to be consecutive but must fall within the same week. 

Standard order: 4 calls for 4 days = $5
Gig Extra: 2 calls per day for 4 days = $10
Gig Extra: call you an extra day for $5
Gig Extra: Order sent after 9 p.m. EST for call next morn (Extra fast) =$10.

If you are outside of the UK, USA, Canada or the Caribbean you will need to buy this gig twice (gig x 2) as calling rates outside the areas stated above, are much higher.