I will tell you the characters of a person for $5

tell you the characters of a person
tell you the characters of a person

About This Gig

Characters of a person are somehow largely fixed when born. For example, you simply cannot groom a person to be a genius or a person's interest in a certain area could not be changed easily. 

Why do you need this gig?
Are you wondering how does your baby or children think? Are you wondering the true and hidden characters of your friends and partners? Or even do you want to know yourself better?

Give me the date and time of birth and I will give you the answers.

Why ehunt6?

I gained a lot of experiences when following my master to deal with many the cases from his customers. Thereafter, I started to be independent and have had a total of approximately 15 years in fortune telling.

Kindly contact me before placing an order if you have any questions.

Custom offer could be discussed if you have specific requirements from Chinese astrology perspective.