I will find a WordPress theme and install it on your website

find a WordPress theme and install it on your website

About This Gig

This gig is all you need for start on your WordPress website. I will find and provide you 10 WordPress themes according to your reference or your description of how you want your website to look . If a theme is paid, after you buy it i will install it on your WordPress site.

How is the process going? 
1) You need to send me one(1) or two(2) references you want your website to look like. You can also describe it by words so i understand your need.
2) I will find ten(10) templates that will be like the reference you provided.
2.1) You can specify what templates you need: Free or Paid or Both
3) You choose the template you prefer.
3.1) If the template is free i will proceed and install it on your WordPress website.
3.2) If the theme is paid i will provide a link for you to official buy it, after this you need to send me a download so i can install it on your WordPress site.
4) You can ask me to install one(1) free plugin of your need and make one(1) revision of the website.
5) If there were any extras purchased i will go on and complete the order.

Order Details

1 day delivery 1 Revision

Theme search and installation

This package includes searching for a theme you prefer and it's installation on your website

  • Theme Installation
  • 1 Plugin/Extension

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why it is different than other Gigs?
    Because i will search exactly for the theme you will like according to your need.
  • Why this is so cheap?
    Right now i just started selling my services on Fiverr.com and i want to offer my skills for the lowest price.
  • What i need to do after i purchased this Gig?
    You need to send us a reference website, or a description of how you would like your website to look, after you need to choose the template you like and if it is paid, to buy it. To install theme i will need access to your hosing and a WordPress admin panel.