I will create worksheets for your kids and students

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create worksheets for your kids and students
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About This Gig

I will design 2 worksheets targeting any lessons and/or goals you wish for your kids to accomplish, for example:

•   word families (-ake, -ike, -ind, etc.)

•   phonics

•   reading comprehension

•   mathematics

•   science

•   spelling

•   "how to" (...write a letter, ...write script, ...write book reports, ...telling time, ...count/identify money, etc.)

•   etc.! Whatever you envision, I will create.

I could design anything at your request. My work has been used throughout many NYC Department of Education schools, pre-schools, as well as in numerous NYC Charter schools.

All worksheets will be age/grade-appropriate, as well as specific to your child's likes and preferences.

Be as detailed as you'd like...

and I will create something great that they will enjoy and learn with!



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