I will write LEGAL Problems, Tort and Contract Law

write LEGAL Problems, Tort and Contract Law

About This Gig


I have already completed My Master of Laws degree from a reputed University. I am a practicing Lawyer in the Judge's Bench Court. I am a legal background person. I have a high academic profile and experience.

I am also a qualified LAWYER. So, I will make your TORT LAW and FORMATION of Contract.

If you are in urgent need of Tort law writing and Contract Formation, then you are in right gig. "No need to search more".

Working Categories:

  1. Tort Law
  2. Formation of Contract
  3. Tort Case Law analysis 
  4. Contract Law problem Solve
  5. Any other writing in Law


  • 100% satisfaction
  • Unique Work
  • Reasonable price
  • Delivery Extra Fast
  • Right Referencing and Format
  • Secure confidential and  work

First come first serve, so please knock me ASAP and provide your details before posting order. thanks

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