I will develop android and ios app

develop android and ios app

About This Gig

My work stands out, plain and simple. 

I’ve been developing websites since I was in high school and mobile applications since the dawn of the smartphone era. 

Here are my fields of expertise:

Development - Apple - x -code, Objective - C , and Swift.

Android - Java using Eclipse and Android studios,

> Custom Backend Programming in - PHP, Angular JS, 

> DataBase in - Mysql, Mongo DB

> Online Backend Solutions like - Parse, AWS.

> Data Parsing Techniques like - JSON and REST.

> Front end – HTML5, CSS, Jquery, Javascript, Bootstrap 3.

The one thing that separates me from all the other developers – apart from my skills as a programmer -- are my designing skills. 

I’ve got a keen eye for designing and having been in the web and app development industry for so long, I know what works and what doesn’t.

Not only do I have the developing skills necessary to develop even the most complicated of sites and apps, I also have the creativity to turn a vague idea into a beautifully functioning app that you can put out there into the world, be proud of and earn some $$$. 

Looking forward to a fruitful business partnership.