I will provide a duel Astrology and Numerology reading report

provide a duel Astrology and Numerology reading report

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Description Astrology and Numerology Report In-depth Analysis- Astro + Numero. All the Way-Astro + Numero
  A one page report focusing on characteristics and Life Path A three page report detailing relationships, strengths, weaknesses, and hidden chart aspects The most detailed report, complete analysis of all aspects. May be between 4-10 pages long.
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About This Gig

I am an expert astrologer and highly skilled in numerology. I can create a chart for you detailing your life path, strengths, weaknesses, physical vulnerabilities, relationship tendencies, etc. I can also tell you about your home and what it means for you- the energy and how it interacts with your personal energy. I unite the two disciplines in these charts- providing a dual report and one that is woven with your unique essence. 
It is very important to let me know exactly what you want out of your chart- what is most important to you? I will accommodate your interests. 
Love and Light
De Profundis Ad Lucem

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you provide an image of my chart?
    In most cases, Yes.
  • What information do I need to provide?
    You do not have to provide all of these, I can work with what you provide. *Full birthday *Full name *The number of your house (ie, 37 Wellington Dr- I would need "37" marked as your house number) *Place of birth *Time of birth (this is important, but not a dealbreaker if you do not have it).
  • Digital file or paper report?
    I can mail a paper report if you prefer, in addition to digital file.