I will blend archival and performance footage into a music video

blend archival and performance footage into a music video
blend archival and performance footage into a music video
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About This Gig

You perform music? You need a music video. If a picture is worth 1K words, a multimedia clip is 30 pictures a second for the duration of your song. That's a lot of words. Utilizing video dramatically increases your cache with potential fans, bookers and labels over still photos and streaming audio.
Plentiful open source film clips are available to manipulate to sound cues in your composition. When combined with footage of your band performing live or in studio, a visually appealing visual narrative can emerge to flesh out your band's desired brand, image and aesthetic. Danny has archived, studied and presented music videos for over 10 years as his primary profession. In addition to receiving a marketing tool for distribution on your sites and region, he will add your clip to his catalog and show it to captive audiences at his weekly video DJ events.

Order Details

Music video, new meets old

You supply performance video and aesthetic cues as framework. Open source film clips make narrative.

  • Titles
  • 300 Seconds Running Time
  • Include Lyrics
14 days delivery 2 Revisions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I request that you include clips from my favorite movie?
    No, except in circumstances which qualify as fair use. Under United States intellectual property law, I must consider 1) Purpose and character of the use (commercial), 2) Nature of the copyrighted work (indie or big studio?), 3) Amount and substantiality (best bits?) and 4) Effect upon work's value
  • How do I submit my audio and video for inclusion in your edit?
    Services like DropBox and Google Drive usually offer sufficient storage and bandwidth to cover uploads. I will happily sign up with your preferred remote digital storage preference. I DO NOT want to be asked to "rip" elements from YouTube, SoundCloud, BandCamp or any site which regulates their data