I will create a Unreal Engine game

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create a Unreal Engine game

About This Gig

Note: Please contact me before ordering the gig so we can discuss the exact requirements of your game. 

I will develop a simple Demo Game in Unreal Engine 4.

The game includes the following specifications:

  • First person experience where the player freely walks around a terrain where 3D models are laying around.
  • The player can move with mouse/keyboard or with xbox360 controller. 
  • I will add trees and a skybox to the terrain for an extra $5. This will make the experience much more immersive.  
  • I will include a weapon that shoots projectiles for an extra $5.
  • I am exited to work on bigger projects, this demo could be the start of an amazing game.

  • I need to be provided with 3D models or I can use Free Models from the web.
  • If our clients are looking for a specific 3D model, we can directly order it to the specifications we need to a fiverr gig we work with. 
  • I can also develop a more complex game for a custom offer price. 

I emphasise the importance of customer satisfaction, creating the most personalised experience possible.

Please feel free to contact me for more information or if you have any questions. 

Hope to get to work with you!

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