I will write 5 quality BLOG comments

write 5 quality BLOG comments

About This Gig

If you want to promote your blog and are tired of spam or generic comments, I can help you!

How do RELEVANT COMMENTS help your blog grow?

  • COMMENTS = ENGAGEMENT! Readers are more likely to comment if someone else already has!
  • They keep your site relevant because they are considered user-generated content
  • They help posts rank for keywords and phrases.

How will my gig help you out?

  • I WILL write thoughtful & relevant responses on your posts.
  • I WILL actually read each post! This boosts your "Time Spent On Site".
  • I WILL use the keywords & tags on your posts in my interaction.
  • I WILL NOT write short, generic entries! Each one will be at least 50 words.

Order Details

2 days delivery 1 Revision