I will teach you how to never forget a password again

teach you how to never forget a password again

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How many accounts do you have on how many sites?

Of course no one can remember all of them, so we tend to re-use the same password and thats how we get hacked. Lets say you had an account at acer, adobe, sony, etc.... Those Databases got hacked. And all what needs to be done is trying your email-password combo against your eMail inbox and BOOM.

I will show you a way to never forget a password again AND at the same time you wont use the same password ever again.

To be clear:
If you have 1000 accounts with 1000 passwords you will remember ALL of them for ever and you wont use a single password twice. There is no software or tool involved. All your 1000 Passwords would be at least 8 characters long. 

You only have to read what I send you (max2 minutes) and you wont ever suffer that Password Problem again PLUS you will always be safe and unhackable.

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