I will create A Midi File For Any Song

create A Midi File For Any Song
create A Midi File For Any Song

About This Gig

                                       PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE ORDERING !!!

    Hello and thank you for checking my gig 
I can Create  any song that you wish in to a midi file ( This can include even vocals ) 
It will be a pleasure to work with you !
Thank you !
If your song has multiple instruments than Every instrument is going to cost you 5 dollars to be turned in to midi . The midi file will contain separate tracks for every instrument . 
If you want to turn the vocals in to midi as well that for the vocals it will cost you 10 dollars since they are harder to detect the notes ( I will work only with singing vocals not with rap vocals )
You can see my gig extras for the length . 
Please contact me before ordering . If the song is simple than it might cost you less . But if the song is very very complicated than I might not be able to detect every single note playing so I might not be 100 % accurate . 
Thank you 
I cant wait to work with you 
Eljo Toci 

Order Details

3 days delivery 2 Revisions

One single simple instrument

I will midi one simple solo instrument Like a piano Tune or violin etc Not longer than 60 sec !

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the midi be as close to the original song ?
    The midi file will be exactly as the original song . I usually never miss a note