I will write 10 brand, business or product names for your

write 10 brand, business or product names for your

About This Gig

I will write 5 brand names for your business. As a Creative Director with 10 years experience, i named more than 100 business and Brands. My Creative Agency is in New-York in the middle of everything. We will help you to find an amazing Brand name, create a slogan.  

I will do :
1. Deep research of your field
2. Go throw similar brands, products and try to not repeat them 
3. Dark brewed coffee with milk (no sugar) 
4. Brainstorming with my amazing team
5. Throwing into trash basket all bad ideas. 
6. Sending you 5 unique catchy and modern brand names. 

My goals are :
1. Happy customers of your future product
2. Serving my Creativity Demons 
3. Your smile, positive review and honest "Thank you!"
4. My happy Ego
5. Money

Some of my clients : Nokia, Hyundai, Jeep, Redbull, 19G, Newyorker, Tedx, MHC, Banner, Mozilla, Sintex,  etc. 

Order Details

2 days delivery

Professional Branding \ 10 Names

We are Creative agency here in NYC ready to Brainstorm and find catchy and premium "Name" for you

  • Up to 10 Words
  • Commercial Use