I will help you move your dream or business idea to an active goal

help you move your dream or business idea to an active goal
help you move your dream or business idea to an active goal
help you move your dream or business idea to an active goal

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Description Basic Basic PLUS Business Outline
  Based on your business description I will give you 5 possibilities to move your idea to action. Include 5 questions I will give you at least 2 resources/ideas for each. Based on your input, I will give you an actionable outline with resources & ideas to move forward.
Delivery Time 1 day
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About This Gig

START NOW! The right moment to take your idea to action is now.

I can help guide you with creative solutions, resources and experience. Having started a vinyl repair business with no concept of what it meant, publishing a weekly paper because I had to pay my rent, and later publishing a tourism magazine (for 10 years) in a new community, I can help you move through your fear and get started.

By asking the right questions, and locating the resources you need, you can start your business. Some businesses requires capital, many others require ingenuity. Let's work on yours and find out what you need! More importantly, let's determine what you already have going for you. 

Whether it's a side hustle, a work from home, or a full time business, there's never a bad time to get started! Send me your description and let's move your idea from a dream to an action...TODAY!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to have a business plan?
    Not necessarily. In fact, sometimes it's easier to get you started on the right path before you've created a plan.
  • Do you find me money?
    No, I'm neither a grant writer nor an investment angel. What I'm really best at is guiding you to these resources and also how to very often get a business off the ground without major funding.
  • Can I really start a business without money?
    Absolutely! I did it three different times. Of course, it depends on the business. Naturally if you're going into retail, you'd have to purchase inventory. But many times, you can get quite creative in starting a business without going into debt. (That's the point - right? To make money!)
  • Am I too old? Too young?
    Well, under 18 may require an adult to give you a hand. But other than that - NOPE! Youth generally have abundant energy. Older folks generally have a great deal of wisdom and patience. You actually need both to create your business. But there's no age limit.