I will record my cute cat break through your company logo

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AMAZING!!!!! Thanks so much. And it was lovely dealing with you along the way. Tack så mycket!
Reviewed by disquietdog 24 days ago
Such a cutie pie!!! Thanks!
Reviewed by linzylinz about 1 month ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by coricam about 2 months ago
Thanks for your time and help!
Reviewed by gamthemes about 2 months ago
Just what I expected. Cuteness overload
Reviewed by mikebrandon395 2 months ago
Elvis is the best! He's done 3 gigs for us and we've loved them all!! XOXO, little kitty!
Reviewed by alukuch 2 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by samarb 3 months ago
I wanted a funny promotional video to promote our Cat Christmas Jumpers as this delivered. On time and as expected.
Reviewed by stleverage 3 months ago
Fantastic results, many thanks for producing such a great video and.....of course my thanks to the lovely Elvis. He clearly hasn't left the building.
Reviewed by kieronrose 4 months ago
Absolutely brilliant! Such a great idea and is a lotta fun! Yay these guys! :)
Reviewed by ringring7 4 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by martinwo 4 months ago
So funny :-D It was worth it!
Reviewed by hoteltyrol 5 months ago
Awesome. Thank you. I hope I break the internet with this one!
Reviewed by utbroker 6 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by romanschoch 6 months ago
Excellent work and delivered on time! Thank you.
Reviewed by sh132936 6 months ago
I needed this in a rush for a birthday present. Super fast and awesome communication. Made sure all the artwork was perfect (purrfect), which I really appreciated. Great attention to detail. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by esotericart 6 months ago
Elvis does it again! Such an adorable and memorable experience!
Reviewed by alukuch 6 months ago
Friendly, professional and delivered a video to the highest standard (I would know, I produce short films for a living!)
Reviewed by denzen23 7 months ago
Super quick and super cute. Thanks!
Reviewed by nickquintana 9 months ago
This is the best video ever! Thank you Elvis and Team!
Reviewed by retailpre 9 months ago
record my cute cat break through your company logo
record my cute cat break through your company logo
record my cute cat break through your company logo
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About This Gig

Have you also stopped using Tiger Woods as your brand spokesperson? Many have. But finally there is a new feline solution for your marketing problems. Introducing: Elvis – the persian cat. He will burst through you logo and simply endorse the heck out of it.

In the words of a customer – this is the real deal! This is not done digitally! Colour prints cost money and this is a time consuming service. That's why we are a bit expensive. If you don't want to pay the price we recommend our other gigs, with pre-recorded Elvis.

This is the classic Elvis video with YOUR logo or graphic!  You will a full hd video Elvis breaking through your logo and the graphic will be in full and glorious color. We will edit the video for you and add music you hear in our sample video. 

Elvis has the right to cancel orders that we don't fell match us: Drugs, alcohol, sex, or offensive messages are a no no.

Order Details

29 days delivery

Elvis endorse your logoo

He will break through the logo! We will print your logo in colour and deliver a video in HD.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What race is Elvis?
    He is a persian.
  • Does he like this gig?
    Yes, he loves it. It's a game with candy and food. He usually starts purring when we take out set up the gear.
  • You are a bit slow aren't you?
    Yes, yes we know... :) But The Team behind Elvis has full time jobs, so we just do this for fun. Elvis, although a genius, is also a bit lazy (he is a cat after all) and don't record to many videos per session.
  • You are so expensive!
    That's not really a question. But we feel that Elvis should be fully reimbursed for his time. Don't you agree? Look at his face and say, "I want to pay less." You can't can you?
  • What do you need from me?
    We need your logo or photo. It should be a couple of 100 kb. If you send us a too small logo it will not look good.
  • Do you have details about the print out?
    Yes, here they are: Elvis head takes up about 15-20 cm, so if you want him to pop out of a special part consider what he will cover with his lovely face. We record in a 16:9 format, and also print the logo/photo in that format. If you use that when you plan for advanced graphic you can't go wrong.