I will design your pcb and modify your existing pcb design

design your pcb and modify your existing pcb design

About This Gig

 I have expertise in Microcontroller Programming and development on AVR (ATmega and ATtiny), Arduino and ARM (Cortex M0 and Cortex M4) in C/C++/Assembly Language. 
 I have done -

-Control of DC motor, 
-Display on LCD and input from Hexpad 
-RFID Based Factory Automation and Remote Inventory Management. 
-RFID Based Loyal Card for Loyal Customers. 
-Bluetooth Communication between MCU and RFID Host. 
-Vehicle Tracking using GPS and Accelerometer. 
and a lot more. 

have expertise over all communication protocols of Microcontroller: 

- SPI (Master/Slave) 
- I2C (Master/Slave). 
- Ethernet 
- Wifi 
- Bluetooth etc..

 I am expert in interfacing sensor modules with microcontroller. 

 I believe in providing superb quality provided that the deadlines are met. Moreover, during the course of my project I would keep you updated regarding the status. 

Service Description: 

* Wireless Interfaces (ISM Band FSK, OOK, XBee, ZigBee, TI , Bluetooth, WiFi, etc) 
* LED lighting control 
* DC Motor Control and Actuator Control Solutions 
* Touch Sense 
* RF Energy Detection Systems 
* Home Automation systems
 * Weather Stations 
* GPS Tracking Systems 
* USB Based Embedded Products ...........

and more

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1 day delivery unlimited Revisions

Provide Best solutions

Provide solutions then services and at the end need satisfaction of client

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