I will config Install setup PowerMTA SMTP and Interspire

config Install setup PowerMTA SMTP and Interspire
config Install setup PowerMTA SMTP and Interspire
config Install setup PowerMTA SMTP and Interspire

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Description SMTP - 1 ( 5,000 emails /day ) SMTP - 2 ( 25,000 emails /day ) SMTP - 3 ( 50,000 emails /day )
  Server Requirement: *upto 3 additional IPs *2 GB RAM Server Requirement: *upto 16 additional IPs *4 GB RAM Server Requirement: *upto 25 additional IPs * 6 GB RAM
Delivery time 2 days 2 days 3 days
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About This Gig

"Please Read Description Carefully Before Place order"

Every package includes 

  • Interspire (6.1.3) and PowerMTA™ (4.0r6) Installation and configuration
  • SPF DKIM DMARC DNS rDNS configuration
  • Maborak add-ons Installation
  • 1 Million spam-traps
  • Fast Importer
  • MailBox with "admin" login

                                             You need to provide                                             

  • VPS or Dedicated Server with Additional IPs (Select package according to number of IPs assigned in your server)
  • Operating System - CentOS 6 (64 bit)
  • A domain

I can make your server as a BULK MAIL SENDER

System contains Interspire + PowerMTA.

Interspire (Web-based interface which you can upload your email list + Create HTML or TEXT templates + Send email campaign + you can check the status such as opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes etc. )

PowerMTA ( this is used to rotate IPs. It is working according to its config file. So I have made the best config. file ever for HIGH INBOX delivery relevant with IPs reputation.)
So not sending overload emails per hr from IP.
When IP get worm it will automatically send more emails from IP. (relevant with IP reputation)

I Don't need Cpanel
PowerMTA v4.06
10/10 at mail-tester.com

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it Support text and HTML format ?
    Yesyou can send HTML and TEXT both formats.Moreover, Interspire have Easy WYSIWYG Editing feature which you can made HTML easier.
  • Can you recommend a non-closing server provider ?
    Sorry I can not suggest you a provider who wont suspend your server for spaming. All server providers have their own T&C so, please read it before you buy a server from a provider. Also, I'm doing configuration and I have no ownership or responsibility of your server uptime or suspension issues.
  • Can you suggest a place to buy a server ?
    Yes of course. I can suggest you some places to buy servers for bulk emailing but I'm not the one who is having the responsibility of using it. You must read and understand data center T&C and agree with them.
  • How many email can you send with one IP?
    You can not use a server with one IP to send bulk emails. Minimum requirement is two IPs. Also, sending speed will depend with some factors.Contact me for more information.