I will write an insulting limerick about your friend or enemy

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write an insulting limerick about your friend or enemy

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Description The Classic Three's company Just Excessive
  You get: 1 limerick dissing the friend of foe of your choice, based on basic info you provide. A discounted 3 limericks insulting your friend or enemy. A whopping (and very discounted!) 10 limericks to tell it like it is.
Delivery Time 2 days
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About This Gig

Do you have a friend who deserves a good prank? Someone at the office trying your last nerve? Do you just need a good laugh about your (redacted) of an ex? 

Look no further! My insulting limericks will meet all your reasonable (and unreasonable) needs. Simply provide a name and a few key characteristics, and you'll soon have a jaunty rhyme that will leave the recipient crying, with laughter or otherwise. 

Please note: these are intended in good fun. While I can't actually control what you do with them, I don't advise or condone sending anonymous insults outside of extreme cases. It can be just as fun to cheer a friend up with with nasty poems about his/her ex than to actually mail them to the ex ;).