I will record a 1 minute voiceover in Japanese

very nice translation and awesome voice quality. Thank you for the great work.
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Perfect & complete in 2 hours
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record a 1 minute voiceover in Japanese

About This Gig

Irasshaimase to konnichi wa! I have a bachelor's degree in Japanese, and I want to put my Japanese language and speaking skills to work for you. Although I'm not a native speaker (Japanese is my third language after English and Spanish), if you have text that you need recorded in Japanese and/or English, I'm eager to do it! Previous satisfied buyers of this Gig include the owner of a martial-arts studio and the producer of a series of English lessons.
My rules for this Gig are the same as for my regular, English-only voiceover gig:
  • The rate is $5 per 60 seconds of finished audio. (For estimation purposes, there are usually about 120-150 words in 1 minute of finished audio.)
  • No testimonials, please.
  • No adult or non-worksafe material, please.
Please note that this rate is based on a ready-to-record script. See my Gig Extras below. Douzo yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

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7 days delivery 3 Revisions

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This is what $5 gets you

  • Up to 120 Words
  • Separate Files