I will modify and tune your ECU Rom for your Honda or Acura

About This Gig

Need a basemap for your modified Honda to start it up and drive to the dyno to further tuning and dont feel confortable doing it yourself or dont know how? Or you just added simple mods, or dont have a realiable tuner in your area, and need a e-tuning service where you just drive and datalog for uploading and receiving a tuned calibration.

I can provide you with the experience on tuning Honda ECU's using tuning software like eCtune, Hondata, and Crome gold, to make a calibration right for you and your car. 

I will adapt to your needs, and give you the ease of tuning your car safetly and with all the features you need. I will make a calibration that will be right for you.

E-tuning service will allow us to tune your car for you and modify just the areas that need to be modify, with no guessing or changing condition like on the dyno. Real driving and real results. Just drive and send your datalog along with your calibration file (Crome, Hondata, eCtune,) and I will modify any areas needed acordingly to your datalog and aplication.

Ask any questions or application needed, I will be glad to help you out. Thank you

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