I will record or create a CUSTOM acoustic song for $5

/ 5 Days On Average
record or create a CUSTOM acoustic song
record or create a CUSTOM acoustic song
record or create a CUSTOM acoustic song
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by farmdog 3 months ago
Great and on time.
Reviewed by jeansmovie 3 months ago
Thanks Emily, Love it! Yes, I'll be sending you more stuff. It's a big project. -Al T. Beach Runner by Val Amant
Reviewed by altoman 3 months ago
Emily, Great job! This turned out to be a really good song!!! Thank you very much... The multi-tracked, mixed and mastered song was very nicely done. It makes a huge difference :) will definitely order again.
Reviewed by moscowlive 4 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by marcpeirson 4 months ago
Excellent work and delivery - gets across the message of my lyrics musically -- just what I wanted.
Reviewed by franktopper 4 months ago
Emily's passionate, rich vocals and exquisite phrasing combined with her expertise at the craft of songwriting are a true blessing. She is a joy to collaborate with, and her songs and performances are always exceptional.
Reviewed by kafkamitch 4 months ago
Emily! Same day delivery!!! Wow... Awesome :) Thank you very much... Highly recommended! I'm enjoying the song right now... Will order again!!!
Reviewed by moscowlive 4 months ago
God, you're killing me. Very special, you are. Thanks so much. More to come. Al
Reviewed by altoman 4 months ago
Thank you for taking the song(s) to heart. Those listening can feel your soul. This was not an easy piece and you made it easy. -Al
Reviewed by altoman 4 months ago
Nice singing!
Reviewed by jackster65 4 months ago
Emily, You have to stop doing this to me. I cried, again. You sung the soul of the story as if you were there. God! I already have the lyrics for your next tune. I want to go over them a couple more times, then, we'll do #3. My daughter is here and she too loves it! Thanks SO much Al
Reviewed by altoman 5 months ago
It turned out funny!!! Emily inturperated my poem into a song... And I love it! Will definitely order again soon!!!
Reviewed by moscowlive 4 months ago
I cried. You were dead on, Emily. There are no words to say, thank you. I hope that you'll continue to work with me on this project. Love Bird by Val Amant Thanks SO much! Al
Reviewed by altoman 5 months ago
Excellent work and delivery. Provided me with new musical insight and ideas.
Reviewed by franktopper 5 months ago
Emily is not only a very gifted singer and masterful songwriter, but is excellent at communicating and providing the buyer with a final work that will exceed your expectations. She is a rare gem and a true pleasure to work with.
Reviewed by kafkamitch 5 months ago
Excellent communicator and beautiful track. Thank you Emily!
Reviewed by coccosavannah 5 months ago
Another beautifully written piece of music, and a vocal performance rich with emotional nuances that perfectly capture the lyrics. In just a few days, Emily composes songs that you would imagine she has worked on for months. A truly gifted artist, and a joy to collaborate with!
Reviewed by kafkamitch 6 months ago
Another excellent job -- fun, melodious, and delivers the message,
Reviewed by franktopper 6 months ago
Emily is a truly brilliant songwriter crafting exquisite melodic lines, and providing each line space to breathe and sink into the listener's mind and heart. Her rich and heartfelt vocals and emotionally resonant phrasing are rare gifts.
Reviewed by kafkamitch 6 months ago
record or create a CUSTOM acoustic song
record or create a CUSTOM acoustic song
record or create a CUSTOM acoustic song

About This Gig

The song with no words was requested to be that way***

***Multi-track extra is temporarily unavailable as I am in the middle of a move. 

I have been writing poetry for 13 years, and I've been turning it into music for at least 9. 

So maybe you've written a poem or song for yourself or someone else but you you really want to put it to music - I can help you.

Maybe you want to have a song written but you don't know where to start - I can help you! (Check out my extras).

I can apply some basic mixing and mastering (extra) but I am not an audio engineer, so I can't get too fancy with it.

What you get for $5:
  • Your poem or lyrics put to acoustic guitar.
  • Basic melody no harmonies
  • A "live" recording in mp3 format

*About 99% of my samples above were live recordings, which simply means they were recorded in one take, with one mic. For a more professional, multi-tracked song see my extras!

I play acoustic guitar but I am limited when it comes to style. I play rhythm, meaning chords. So no fancy finger-picking or lead riffs, but you don't need those anyway. 

*Edit: No lude or offensive lyrics 
**Edit: I would prefer not to base my melody on any pre-existing song in case of copyright infringement.