I will copy edit your 300 word article and make it pop

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copy edit your 300 word article and make it pop

About This Gig

If your document is looking messy, haphazard and it's not just the grammar that's wilting, proofreading isn't going to cut the mustard. Copy editing is your savior!

But what's the difference?

Proofreading is just cleaning up those little spelling mistakes and other grammatical oopsies. Copy editing is cosmetic surgery for writing. Not only does copy editing clean up those niggling little grammar errors - it also revamps the writing, turning it from a lumpen mess into a page turner.

Consider this: if your writing is deathly dull and lacking any va-va-voom, who's going to bother reading past the first paragraph? And how what are you losing when the bored reader clicks on the "next!" button?

For just $5, I will not only tidy up your grammar and spelling - I'll also make sure your writing is full of pep and keeps readers until the bitter end - which is where your call to action is, right? Hire me today  give your writing some loving cosmetic surgery!

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Perfect prose

Iron out the kinks and let your writing flow smoothly

  • Up to 300 Words