I will tell you how much your website sucks

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tell you how much your website sucks
tell you how much your website sucks
tell you how much your website sucks

About This Gig

I know, I know. You don’t want to hear that. You’ve spent a lot of something on it, whether that’s time or money, and it is your baby—and hopefully you’ll make $ out of it.

Your mother loves it. She’s proud of you. But she was also proud of your first poop.

That’s awesome, but it doesn’t change that nagging voice in your head. You know the one—“this sucks”

If it’s there, you’re not wrong. Your gut knows what’s up, even if you don’t want to admit that you’ve created a potential monster...

That’s where I come in, as a curmudgeonly person who doesn’t know you from Adam, but regardless holds very, very strong opinions about why things suck, and how you could improve them.

You get the brutal, unvarnished and honest truth that glories in how much your site sucks, while giving you great ideas on how to best move forward from here.

You know the story of the Ugly Duckling. That’s your website’s story.

For $10, I’ll tell you how bad your website is. Check out my gig extras for other options, such as “British swearing” and more!

Looking forward to seeing your awful website—and if it’s just your copy that sucks, check out my other gigs.

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Your website's not that great

Your mother loves everything you do, and your mates might not be the best barometer. Try a stranger!

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