I will write an article that demands attention

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write an article that demands attention
write an article that demands attention

About This Gig

"A million monkeys hammering a million typewriters will eventually write the entire works of Shakespeare"

That simply isn't true outside of mathematical theorems.  For most, looking for readable, informative and entertaining writing on the internet often results in screeds of unintelligible gibberish.

Which isn't good - in fact, it's incredibly frustrating! - but here's your chance to shine like a diamond in the rough.   A well-written, entertaining and informative article is quite literally gold:

Good content = more visibility = more traffic = more sales

That's all it is. However, it is hard to recreate. Good content is worth its weight in gold, but when you're holding down 1001 other responsibilities, it's hard to make time and space to write a killer article that has people flocking to you - and writing may not be your forte at all. So, what can I do for you?  This:

  • Adapt your tone and writing style
  • Unique, engaging and valuable content
  • Search engine friendly (inc. Google's Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird)
  • Full ownership given with delivery

Contact me today and discover the power of good writing. Stand out from your competitors and dump the monkeys: hire a pro now!

  • Basic gig: 100 words

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I'll write one compelling article

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