I will write a sizzling product description that sells

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write a sizzling product description that sells

About This Gig

Selling the sizzle, not the steak is the key to high sales.

If your products aren't selling as well as they should, your product descriptions may be substandard. Are you really selling your product to potential buyers, or are you just listing  features like everyone else is too? Boring  - and in a crowded market, that's no good. 

It's time to nail down potential buyers! 

What about those sizzling benefits?  The very thing that sets you apart from each and every one of your competitors? The very thing that gives your product an edge and makes it a compelling purchase for people browsing your product? I know you've got it - but are you really  leveraging it?

Whether you've got a commercial website or just want to improve your sales on eBay, Amazon or any other online merchant, I can help you to write product descriptions that sing.

For the low price of just $10 I will write a sizzling-hot product description up to 100 words that will make your product fly off the shelves like hot cakes - you won't even be able to keep up with the demand! Isn't that a problem you'd like to have? Order now and watch your sales soar  into the stratosphere!

Basic gig: 100 words--see gig extras for more!

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Sizzling sales description

Get a description that gets your products flying off the shelves

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