I will draw you as a girl MTF

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draw you as a girl MTF

About This Gig

  • I'm a pre-T transgender man, and I know how often I've wished to see what I will look like after several years of testosterone shots. I looked around the internet and found nothing. Disappointed, I gave up on the project. But then I thought "What the heck? If you want something done right, do it yourself!" 
  • So, I started studying the effects of hormones on the face, and translated that into a pencil sketch. 
  • I now can draw transwomen, too! 
  • If you send me a picture of your face, I will pencil sketch you as the awesome pre-hormones girl you are, and then I will pencil sketch you as the fully-fledged woman-butterfly you will be! 
  • I hope this can ease some dysphoria and give hope to people. 
  • Basically, send me a picture of yourself, your desired haircut, makeup, and/or piercings, and any other descriptors you want to add. I'll get that sketch to you in less than a week. 
  • I look forward to sketching y'all as you feel you should be.

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