I will give you a unique campaign idea for any rpg setting

give you a unique campaign idea for any rpg setting

About This Gig

  • I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons, GURPS, MERPS, Palladium, Gamma World, and many others for over ten years. I love it and I love game mastering. But sometimes it's hard to come up with an interesting campaign idea or inspiration, so I'll come up with one for you. 
  • I can do any setting. Sci-fi, fantasy, modern day, steampunk, historical, post-apocalyptic, you name it. 
  • Just give me the gist of the campaign you want (level and number of characters, comedic/tragic, setting, center, whatever), and I can get you a fun, interesting campaign idea that will have your players on the edge of their seats. It'll be mostly fleshed out. Not all the stats and stuff, but I can give you good NPCs, a good story, a good hook, and a general idea for the story arc. 
  • For just $5, you get three major cities or towns with five good major NPCs each. You also get a way to bring the characters together, a hook (think like an opening scene), and a major plot and campaign path.
  • For $10 more, you get 2 more major locations with corresponding NPCs and background.
  • For $5 more, you can request 4 more NPCs.
  • Game on!

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