I will translate up to 300 words of ancient latin

translate up to 300 words of ancient latin
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I have studied Latin for seven years. I will translate your Ancient Latin text to English or vice-versa. Poetry or prose. I have studied mostly Classical Latin, so my translation into Latin will sound like Cicero's Latin. I can translate any kind of Ancient Latin into English very well - NOTE that does not include Medieval Latin! I can translate Ancient Latin into English "woodenly," or super literally, or I can make it more elegant and easy to read. I can do up to 300 words, but you can pay me a bit more for every extra 100 words. That might add a little time to the order. If you cannot transcribe it and it is either badly scanned or in a script I cannot read, I cannot guarantee that I can translate it. If you can transcribe it into a word document, or something similar, that is ideal. I look forward with nerdy expectation to your submissions! After all, you could say your money is sine qua non for my college education! ;)

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Latin Translation

Translating up to 300 words of English into Latin or 300 words of Latin into English. Poetry/prose.

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This Package includes 300 words. For each additional 100 words, the price is $5.
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