I will develop softwares in Pascal

develop softwares in Pascal

About This Gig

I will develop softwares in Pascal.
Pascal is the very first program in which you can develop a software.
It allows the programmer to develop softwares that mostly deal with math.
You can make almost any program that can do your math job, starting with the input gave by the user in the moment when you run the software, or with inputs already declared in the programming.
It can also work with text files. It can read the input from a text file and display the results in another text file. A search on Google about what Pascal can do may make you fully clear about it.
The softwares that can be developed with Pascal can be used in many domains. It can read inputs from a text file like words, names, values, phrases and work with them, giving you the result you need. Or it's perfect to make long math formulas, so when you have to make many calculations in order to get a result, you can just give the inputs and the software will do everything for you. But for this, it has to be made a software with Pascal, which will meet your requirements.
If you need such softwares, don't hesitate to contact me and tell me what you need, and I can make a software that will save you a lot of time.