I will let you release the STRESS, Frustrasion, Anxiety

let you release the STRESS, Frustrasion, Anxiety

About This Gig

For 6 minutes I will let you swear and curse at my face on skype.

Main question is:
When are we allowed to be let our aggression out of us, without judging of people that surround us?

And if you say I have no "suppressed aggression", so let me remind you to some daily situations:
- Traffic jams;
- Ex's
- Your boss
- Mosquitoes
- People who smoke around us
- People that walk really sllow in front of you
- No money
- Cold meal
- Non stop talkers
- Getting in a slow line at supermarkt/ bank
- Lying politicians
- Tele marketers
- Dumb questions
- Slow internet connection
- Screaming babies
- School teacher
etc. etc.

Daily frustrations, stress and that all pain going IN and not getting OUT... Very bad and the on some small thing it POPs UP and you do something that even you dont like :(

Today society is not allowing you to let it out... you have to behave, be NORMAL, Be something that you are NOT at that moment...

So this is the place that you can swear and curse as hard as you want and feel HAPPY again :)

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