I will fix your marriage with telepathy

fix your marriage with telepathy

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Description Fix Your Marriage With Telepathy Telepathic Healing For Marriage Marriage DNA FIX
  Answer one question and put a thought in your spouse's mind This is for both of you! I will Theta heal both of your DNA to save your marriage DNA fix - add a thought and remove a thought from your spouse's mind
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About This Gig

I will telepathically connect with your partner and discover what will help you save your marriage.

I Practice  Superconscious Telepathy

This is tapping into the deepest level of someone's consciousness to gain access to the deepest psyche of someone's thoughts. I can read someone's thoughts. I will do this to your partner.

The basic gig answers one question about what someone is thinking about your marriage.

 I can implant a thought and see how it is received (EXTRA GIG).

I need your name, your spouse's name and photos as well as circumstance. Why are you asking? What is the circumstance?
When I say circumstance- I mean please give a  little background otherwise the thoughts can be a Please do not send FAKE requests