I will send Theta Healing for Weight Loss

send Theta Healing for Weight Loss

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Description 1 week of Theta Healing 2 week Theta and DNA 1 Month Theta and DNA
  Unbelievable Weight loss results Basic + 1 week + negative energy blocks removed Basic + Standard + let go of your excess weight
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About This Gig

Theta healing is a spiritual healing technique that allows you to release and change limiting beliefs and emotions you hold deeply within your body and mind.

This is how it works for weight loss:

Lots of people hold on to weight subconsciously.

Their negative subconscious beliefs are blocking them.


The subconscious mind has power over your body. It controls your heart beat,

your digestive system, your hormones etc.

Your subconscious mind sends out messages to your body and tell it what to do.

With the Theta Weight Loss Program you will clear your blocks

that stops your body to let go of excess weight.

The method works by addressing the causes of blockages that may arise in the way you function - blockages/inertia caused by factors such as emotional repression, belief systems, fears and traumas. It's believed that when these blockages occur, the flow of spiritual energy in the body is restricted. Theta healing enables you to identify these restrictions and to connect to a higher source in order to help you release negative beliefs. and extra weight!
I can't wait to help you!!