I will provide a detailed, remote Tarot reading

provide a detailed, remote Tarot reading
provide a detailed, remote Tarot reading
provide a detailed, remote Tarot reading

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Description 2-Card Spread 3-Card Spread Celtic Cross Spread
  A simple 2-Card reading for basic and easy-to-answer questions. A 3 card Tarot reading great for past/present/future, advice, understanding an issue. Celtic Cross Tarot reading for identifying problems and giving insight on resolutions.
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About This Gig

A reading is great for figuring out the next step. If you’re struggling with a lack of direction or are overwhelmed with too many choices, Tarot readings are effective in pointing out your strengths and giving a deeper look at the paths ahead of you; Also great during/surrounding significant events that mark new phases in your life. 

My basic reading ($5) is a two card reading with the first card representing what you need to leave behind/worry less over and card two signifying where you must place all of your focus. A brief description of each is included. Great for those looking for a quick reading!

Next is my three card ($15), great for:

  • general readings
  • past/present/future
  • advice
  • understanding an issue
  • figuring out obstacles
  • relationship outcomes
  • decision making.

The most advanced option is the Celtic Cross ($30). This reading is great for: Identifying a problem and giving insight on its final resolve. Do you need more information on a situation or event? This can also be used as a very in-depth general reading that will, no doubt, help you get to know yourself and advise you to make the best choices that will benefit you, or avoid that which doesn’t serve you!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the benefit of a remote reading?
    Your reading will be fully transcribed and you’ll have a copy to look over at your leisure.
  • What if I don't like what the cards say?
    A Tarot reading can sometimes be a glimpse of what the results could be if certain things don’t change - whether that be taking responsibility for your own actions or finally doing what’s in your best interest to live the life you want. Take it as a “head’s up" or guide looking out for you.