I will translate English into Swedish for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
translate English into Swedish
translate English into Swedish

About This Gig


I will translate your English (25 words) into Swedish with spell-checking and also check the sentences so they are correct utilized.

1 gig per 25 Words - If you want more just order more Gigs!

  • Spell-check
  • Sentence check
  • English to Swedish
  • Word format (.doc)

This gig is performed by a Human and we do NOT use any robot translation or anything like that!

**Vi på EMS Design jobbar dagligen med design i alla dess former och med sökoptimerad text för Google. Vi vet hur viktigt det är med en korrekt meningsuppbyggnad och rättstavning. Hör gärna av dig om du har frågor.**

The redone document will be provided .doc (Word).

★★ DONE by Swedish educated personal ★★

If you have a bigger project we can translate for you by cost per word.

1 word = 0.2 SEK (Roughly 0.024 USD)

If any questions, contact me here on Fiverr. We can create special/custom orders that fit all clients. Contact us!