I will beat grid and cue point your Serato DJ files perfectly

beat grid and cue point your Serato DJ files perfectly

About This Gig

I know that perfectly Beatgridding your tracks in Serato is time consuming. So is Cue pointing them.
I am new to Fiverr but have been using Serato for many years, and have gridded and cue pointed thousands of tracks for myself, friends, and DJs.  

I am a DJ myself and know how important this is, but also how boring it can be.
So let me do it for you.

Why Use Me?
  1. I love doing this
  2. I am fanatical about standards
  3. Communication with me will be excellent


  • We discuss your exact requirements and agree the price.
    You send me your files via Dropbox.
  • I carry out the work (either beatgridding, cue pointing or both)
  • Remember - I can also add the correct artwork to your files (based on your region rather than the generic ones if you want).  I can also add or correct the metadata in the file based on your exact specifications. Contact me first so we can have each file looking exactly how you want. 
  • I send the files back to you
  • You add them to your music library.
  • You are very happy as you have saved loads of time and grief.
  • You add a lovely review of me on the Gig review on Fiverr.
  • You are now a better DJ
  • You recommend me to all of your friends.
  • You come back to me again and again over the coming years.

Order Details

Beat Grid + Cue Points for Serato

Send me files via dropbox (or similar), I will add perfect beat grid and 4 cue points (at least)

  • 15 Songs
2 days delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What files do I accept?
    Any - I can work with them all. I can even convert them for you (for a small fee) if you wish
  • Why?
    Why do this? - because it will save you time. You can use that time to be actually DJing. Or partying. Or working. Or whatever
  • Is it legal?
    Yes of course - I am just working on your files, I will not own them.