I will want to help you make your book a best seller

want to help you make your book a best seller

About This Gig

Do you want to make your next novel a best-seller?

I'd like to help you do exactly that.

I'm an indie author who has been able to enjoy some success with my own published works.

Now, I'd like to help other authors improve their books too.

So what I can do to help you as a beta reader?

Well, I can...

·         Identify plot holes...

·         Spot character and storyline inconsistencies...

·         Point out places where your story loses steam and might lose readers...

Look, no novel is ever perfect.

But what I can do is help you create a stronger book before it becomes published.

I'll be your fresh set of eyes. I'll read your story. Then I'll give you a personalized report filled with constructive criticism. Feedback which is aimed at helping you create an even better book.

All it takes to get started is choosing the right gig below.

One last thing is it's fairly important. I don't read romance or erotic stories. There's nothing wrong with those types of fictional works. But since I don't read them, I don't know their tropes.

Please feel free to PM me with any questions about your book before you choose a gig.

Order Details

5 days delivery

Beta Read A Basic Story

I will beta read up to 10,000 words of your book or story

  • Up to 10000 Words
  • Feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How should I send you my book?
    Microsoft Word works best but PDF is also acceptable.
  • How do you send me feedback?
    You'll get a Microsoft Word doc or PDF (your choice).
  • Does my book need to be edited first?
    It's better if it is. If it's unedited or has only had one pass of editing, then your book is likely closer to an alpha reading level and will need additional editing and proofreading to catch grammar/typo errors. That's additional professional work outside of the scope of this gig.