I will put protection on you from negative energy

put protection on you from negative energy

About This Gig


Hello my fiverr friends,my name is Ivan and I am a healer.All my life speaks about learning,growing,listening and helping people,that’s why I decided to join you here and use this incredible chance to communicate and interact with you.Through my knowledge and experience that I gather over the years  spiritually working and meditating I became a practitioner in many different techniques of healing with many different  energies,this way I have a chance to live my dream by helping others and making our planet a better place which is one beautiful,thankful but at the same time responsible thing.I wish you love,growth and success in raising your vibration.

 About this gig

Negative energy is all around us all the time just as light it only depends what vibrations we choose to vibrate high or low. Sometimes if we spent to much time in ego vibrating low vibrations from that state of present it is very hard for us to bring up our vibrations and conscience even if we are aware of that. This protections will gave you peace for certain time and it will keep you from mental manipulations, emotional extortion or if someone want to put you under his will,he'll not be able to.  

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