I will compose meditation music and ambient

compose meditation music and ambient
Thanks, Enrique! As usual you went to great lengths to make sure everything was perfect. Great job!
Reviewed by getyogible about 1 year ago
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compose meditation music and ambient

About This Gig

Please contact me before buying.

I prefer if you send me a song reference of what you want.

With the $5 gig you will only recive a tank drum (like hang drum)  jam of 3 min or a simple atmosphere.

With the extras I can make something more professional, I can add sound design with synthesis, recording of original sound I have, like a healing bowl, prehispanic mexican flutes, nature recordings, healing frequencies, fx, atmospheres, mixing, mastering, etc.

you can send me a song of something that you like, and I can get as close as possible, or just to be inspired.