I will professionally copy an electronic song you want to LEARN from

Outstanding Experience!
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professionally copy an electronic song you want to LEARN from

About This Gig

Please contact me before buying.

learn the composition and arrangement from your favorite electronic music, why are their songs so GOOD and EFFECTIVE.

I make some sounds from scratch and others with presets, so you will also be able to analyze about synthesis of more complex sounds, and how are the sound effects used.

THE SONG WILL NOT BE IDENTICAL, this gig is not about sound design, is about composition and arrangement. im better with HOUSE, and Techno. But with the extra I can improve the sound way more.

You can also  make a REMIX or a SOUNDALIKE etc.

-You will only need to send me the song.

With the initial $5 gig you will recive only 15 sec separate MIDI tracks only. Or 1 15 sec audio file that sounds like the 15 sec of the song.

extra gig project file is for ableton live, and .wav multitrack.

The song will not be identical but almost the same.

If i like the song I may be able to negociate.

I have over 6 years of obsessive experience, and graduated from SAE Institute on audio engineering, and with an electronic music production diploma. you can check some of my works on google.

This is hard work and takes time.
thank you!
Enrique Couttolenc Barcena