I will remove VOCALS from a song the best way possible

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Wow, he actually actually managed to remove almost the entire foreground vocal singer with the remaining instrumental music preserved & reasonably clear to listen to. Highly recommended & would come back again for future orders. This is a seller who chooses to trust his client. Keep it up!
Reviewed by zadar74 8 months ago
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remove VOCALS from a song the best way possible
remove VOCALS from a song the best way possible
remove VOCALS from a song the best way possible

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Description preview simple and fast more dedication
  I use the best technology that I have, fast fast like the examples a bit better quality
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About This Gig

Before buying please contact me so you learn what can be possible...

Good news! my vocal removing process has improved, its at least 30% more effective than the examples shown in the video. its great for karaoke!

Information of sound quality will be lost, there is no other way.

 Thank you for checking my gig, I have specialized software for REMOVING vocals. And a lot of experience with audio.

The process its not perfect in almost every case sound quality is lost, the vocal may be heard like a whisper, noise and frequencies may be generated

First comunicate with me sending me the song, I will tell you if the work will be possible, and the quality of the results.

For the $5 gig I do a preview, for $10 the entire process, if you want me to spend more time on the song, doing a better job I charge $25. But there is no perfect process, the improvements are minor.


The quality of the work depends on the song, some vocals are really easy to remove because they do not have effects and are in the center of the stereo image of the song, but some others are not that easy.

Choirs and backing vocals normaly can not be removed.

You can send me an mp3, .wav. .aiff. or any audio file