I will give you advice on any problem in life

give you advice on any problem in life

About This Gig

Life is imperfect because we are imperfect.  Stress, depression, confusion and anxiety are a normal part of our everyday affairs.  Sometimes we are unlucky enough to have another strike against us, such as mental illness. 

All these things can affect others' perception of you but also your perception of yourself.  This world-view can get in the way of your daily activities and can negatively affect your work and relationships with others.

If you feel lost or confused... perhaps you don't understand the feelings you have inside or don't know how to move forwrd, I can help you to put the pieces together.  Let me help you onto a path that will lead to better quality of life instead of getting caught in the downward spiral we tend to naturally fall victim to.

1 gig will get you about a 1-minute, written, top level synopsis of  your problem and advice from me.  With gig extras, the analysis and advice become more thorough and in-depth.  Since I am not a medical professional, I recommend consulting one before internalizing and/or acting on any of my advice.  The content provided in this gig is for your contemplation only.