I will predict winning PowerBall or Mega Millions lottery numbers

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predict winning PowerBall or Mega Millions lottery numbers

About This Gig

Everybody wants to win the lottery.  Some people seek spiritual guidance.  Some look to spells or astrology.  Some pick their birthday and anniversary numbers...

... and I use math to calculate the best numbers.  Why is math better than all that other stuff?  Well for starters, the other methods don't work.  But the main reason is because even games of chance, which are supposedly random, follow patterns.  I use a program based on statistical entropy to analyze all the past winning numbers and avoid those numbers which don't fit the statistical model, leaving you with the ones that do.  Isn't that better than guessing?

With this gig you get 2 sets of numbers for Mega Millions, Powerball or for that matter, any lottery that draws 6 numbers and has a history of past winning numbers.  If you get my gig extra, I'll give you 5 sets of numbers for only 2 gigs (a 50% bonus)! 

If you're tired of picking numbers aimlessly and losing, try my gig and let the natural laws of math and science work for you!

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I will provide 2 lines of your choice of lottery.

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