I will teach you travelers Japanese

teach you travelers Japanese

About This Gig

Are you considering traveling to Japan? 
Perhaps on business or vacation? 
Are you interested in Japanese culture and want to mingle with the locals?

Japanese is a difficult language to learn.  It's a level 5 (out of 5) for an English native speaker.  However, because Japan is an island nation that has maintained a fairly low population of immigrants over the years, they don't get a lot of people speaking English to them in their own country and are often very impressed if you say a few words of Japanese to them, even badly.  You'd be surprised how much of an impact some simple traveler's Japanese can be on the local population.  If you only plan on using the basics to navigate, order food, book hotel reservations, etc.  there are a few simple words and phrases that will help tremendously and it's fun too.  You don't have to be a linguist to figure it out.

For 1 gig I'll teach you how to pronounce Japanese words and give you some basic words and phrases to use in different circumstances you're likely to encounter.  In fact you can tell me the purpose of your trip and I will cater the information to you personally.