I will tutor you in physics

tutor you in physics

About This Gig

Physics is perhaps the toughest science to master but it can be broken down and understood more easily than you might realize.  The key is finding a way to relate to the material and visualize the problems so that you know the answer before you've even solved it.

Ask me anything you like about physics.  Tell me what concept is giving you a hard time.  I will explain the physics of your problem in a way that is fun and easy. 

Teachers and professors are smart people but ironically they're usually not so good at doing their job, which is teaching.  I have a talent for teaching because I had to teach myself everything I didn't understand and now I retain more information because of it.  So will you.  You won't have to worry about cramming because you won't be relying on memory.  Everything will simply make sense.

Please let me know what you want help with before getting this gig.