I will create you a Deep Relaxation Meditation Ambient for $5

2 Revisions Included / 2 Days On Average
create you a Deep Relaxation Meditation Ambient
Thank you! great job!
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create you a Deep Relaxation Meditation Ambient

About This Gig

I will create you deep relaxation meditation ambient. Nature own music without any artificially or electronically made sounds. 


- Sleep - Improve your sleep, manage your stress and relax, .

- Meditation, Yoga and Relaxation - Release tenision and get your brain into meditative state.

- Easy Studying- Improved Studiying – better learing, better working memory and recall, best performance.

- Healing from disease and after the process.

Basic Gig:
  • Max 20 min long Ambient track
  • 320 kb/s Mp3 file format
  • or wav. file format - ( you need to consider 150 MB Fiverr limit here or we can use any other means of file transfer)

Recording and mastering ambients for over 5 years now with high quality equipment.

  • Offering large library of sound effects 
  • Creating / recording sound-effects
  • Creating ambients (specific. meditation, relaxation purposes ...) 
  • Sound effects for games, movies ...
  • ASMR sounds

Feel free to C ontact me at any time.

Looking forward to work with you! ;)