I will be your remote database administrator

be your remote database administrator

About This Gig

I will gladly set up, monitor, and maintain database optimization, health and backup jobs and functions. I will require remote access to the servers that contain the databases and enough credentials to create and modify Agent jobs, SSIS packages, or third party process used to maintain your database. I will also provide monthly reports of all database DR/business continuity plans.

I will provide a detailed description of all process that are to be enabled before putting them into place, I will also provide basic documentation for all processes I will maintain. If requested I can provide more detailed documents for an additional fee.

I can also provide detailed feedback on the current environment and any changes that might need to be corrected.

I also will troubleshoot database issues on an hourly basis. I can also design and implement databases, data warehouses, ETL process and OLTP processes, including stored procedures and Oracle functions, also for an hourly fee.

On special request and for limited times I can also visit on-site.

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