I will mentor you to become a top fiverr seller using Skype

mentor you to become a top fiverr seller using Skype
mentor you to become a top fiverr seller using Skype
mentor you to become a top fiverr seller using Skype

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Description Qualifier Interview Mentor-ship with 2 Gig set up Mentor-ship with 5 Gig set up
  As a prerequisite to starting this training and support we will have a 30 minute discussion. Together we will identify and set up 2 gigs with videos to get you started on your fiverr journey. Together will set up 5 complete gigs/videos and all the materials to get your fiverr future on track
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Delivery time 4 days 14 days 28 days
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About This Gig

This is a skype coaching service...

During our first  session we will explore your suitability as a freelancer.

Once we have established that you are ready to start creating gigs you can pick one of my packages. These are for either 2 or 5 gigs set up. I will walk you through every part of the process and create the videos for you to promote your gigs on fiverr. The prices include all video production and voice overs, Descriptions/tags and 1 to 1 coaching throughout..

Plus lots of strategies to fast track your success. You will learn my:
*Over-delivery Success Model
*Scarcity = High Ticket Technique
*Best Friend Method

All of this and much more has enabled me to personally leave full time employment and earn a lot more working only 3 days a week. 

Disclaimer: Anyone who thinks this is easy need not apply. However it is lots of fun, challenging and different to anything you've ever tried.

Think you can handle it?

Get started?

Place your order for my basic package first. You'll be sent to a confirmation page that contains my sky pe ID so we can connect.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need any qualifications to do this work?
    Absolutely not. The only thing you need is a willingness to learn a new way of working and earning money. I can teach you all this if you are suitable as a student.
  • What level of income can I expect in the first 3 months?
    This is an impossible question but based on my previous students you will more than recoup your investment many times over. it really depends on how much work you initially put in. Input = output in this model.
  • Do you have an example of anyone you've helped with this process?
    I have helped a handful of people enjoy success. You can see my best student's work profile in the gallery section of my gig. Click on his gig and you'll be amazed how hard he has worked.
  • I don't think I have anything to sell or offer people here, is that a problem?
    Not at all. Truth is that some of the most successful sellers provide very unique and novel services You only have to take a look around the site to see how diverse and different the services are. We all have something we are great at that others are willing to pay for.
  • How can I possibly earn a good income getting paid $5 per job?
    That's exactly what I thought 3 years ago. Truth is, my average gig price is over $50. This platform allows you to scale your earnings over time but YES, you have to start small and build on that It's also a great model to help your confidence and competence.
  • Do you do all the actual setting up work for me?
    No, you will need to set up your own account here and link a payment method. Once that's done I will help you identify the right gigs for you, craft videos for each gig and do all the descriptions etc. I have done this 100's of times and know the rules and best practices. You are in good hands.
  • Will you help me manage my workload if things get busy?
    Yes, I can give you the right advice to make sure you deliver on time and always make your deadlines.There are settings that allow you to put gigs on vacation mode if things get too busy. Once this happens I'll also teach you a simple trick to increase your prices and massively boost income.